Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photoshop Tennis, Round 1

I hereby challenge Dustin R. Baird, to a duel of photoshop tennis!
The Rules and Regulations are as follows:
1. the match will start with a single image, "served" to the other player. the other player takes the image and manipulates it anyway they like. with photoshop, drawing, photography, whatever. the manipulated image is then returned to the other player who follows.
2. Each player will have 4 turns, (inlcluding the serve) before the match ends.
3. Each turn will last no longer than two days. (the sooner the return the better).
4. our objectives are to be humorous, or just make it look cool.
5. the returned image has to have at least one identifiable element from the previous image.
6. keeping the image in it's original size is preferred.
7. i think that's it.
8. oh, once the player finishes their work, they will post it on their respective blog.
here's your serve Dust,
good luck,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008