Thursday, July 31, 2008

Muxtape 2
another carefully curated Muxtape!
this one is a little Poppier, Summerier...
-El Guincho-
world influenced music from spain, this song makes me wish i was spending my summer closer to a beach, with kettle drums, and a pina colada...
most compare her to M.I.A. i think she has more of a Gwen Stefani meets Karen O. thing goin on.
-Cut Copy-
an Erasure-esque summer disco tune.
-The Tough Alliance-
the best Pop comes from sweden. i wasn't sure about them at first, but their hooks prove effective.
-Grizzly Bear-
this Letterman bootleg is the only copy out there right now, can't wait for the studio version.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Theatre Ad

here's a little animation and music I did for an ad to run in local theatres before the movies. It had to match the current Mac back to school promotion. Nothing too impressive, but the little jingle/groove was fun to make. I've gone to movies a couple times lately, but i've yet to catch this on the big screen.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Muxtape 1

i've made a muxtape,
i'll post one every week with 5 of my favourite tracks that week.
this week; wolf parade, matthew dear, m83, crystal castles and radiohead.
take a listen Here

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things like this give me hope for Humanity.
I pass this on the way back from campus. it's good to hear you look good, even if coming from an immobile traffic light control box.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been "tagged",
i think this is Marc 'n Katie's way of helping me break down my emotional wall

3 Joys:
a good beverage
being an essential part of a group of friends
discovery (corny but true. i mean travel etc, is the best)

3 Fears:
to answer this i've recalled some common and repeated nightmares...
-the end of the world
-death of loved ones
-being really late for a way sweet concert.

3 Goals:
make a record, even if I own the only copy.
run a marathon in September (i've hit some obstacles, have some catchin up to do)
find a girl, i have to be honest...

3 Obsessions:
-music, occupies a vast majority of my time
-i've lately been in constant search of more intellectual sometimes trivial "No Way!" moments, the likes that are found in "RadioLab" broadcasts, TED speeches, Malcolm Gladwell books, etc.
-and arrested development
- this list was the easy one, i could go on...

3 Random Facts:
i can hang at least 6 spoons from my face.
i'm really good at Magic Eye posters, really.
i used to think the word "nearby" could be pronounced "nerby"

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Camera

i have purchased a canon rebel xsi. it's a lot of fun. here's some test run shots. not great photos by any means, but still some shots i couldn't take with old camera.
i'm typing with one hand due to my left arm being in a sling. very tedious. long story for another posting when i can type better.