Monday, October 20, 2008

Web-Comic Round-Up

been reading a lot of web-comics lately,
in a post Watterson and Larson comics world,
the funnies in the paper just aren't doin for me anymore.
luckily the format has found new life online.
here are some of my favourites, some a value for their writing others their illustration style.
if you know of any other good ones, send 'em my way.

Dinosaur Comics: by Ryan North
the pictures never change, but the writing is good enough that they don't have to. the most Calvin 'n Hobbes-esque comic out there.
WONDERMARK: by David Malki !
David Malki re-appropriates old 19th century illustrations for his hilarious comic.
i had a similar idea once with these old cowboy illustrations i found, but he beat me to it.

Nedroid-Elegance in stupidity:
by Anthony clark
I really like this guy's style of illustration, and I think Beartato is a great character.
kinda quirky comics and illustrations.